Upon installing Windows 10 preview 10310 I was unable to connect via remote desktop, even though I had enabled “Allow remote connection to this computer” and I was on the same network (10.0.0.X) and same work group “WORKGROUP”.

First check you have actually allowed remote connections, do this by then using the windows 10 search function on the computer you want to connect to and enter “allow remote connections”, click on the found link.
Check that the radio button is selected for “Allow remote connection to this computer”, select this if it isn’t already selected.

allow remote connections to this computer

allow remote connections to this computer

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Sometimes you just want to store stuff and not use it for traditional relation searches.

Ideally a NoSql solution would fit well in this scenario but don’t rule out Sql for a hybrid style solution.

You just have to be aware of certain limitations but otherwise the results are extremely pleasing.

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A quick guide on how to populated “Description No documentation available.” in Microsoft Web Api Help Pages

Microsoft’s Web Api Help Pages is a nice surprise when it comes to something as tedious as documentation. Unfortunately it requires a small configuration to get the most out of it. This guide is a rapido guide for getting the “Description No documentation available”.

In the example I use the stock WebApplication1 generated by Visual Studio when you select a new WebApi Project.

0) Create a new ASP.NEt project and select Web API. This will create a new project with the Nuget package “Microsoft ASP:NET Web Api 2.x Help Pages”.


1) Build and run your new project and navigate to the auto generated documentation.
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To get the identity from the insert when using dapper return the SCOPE_IDENTITY

So far has been working reasonably well.

Example below:

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NServiceBus, not my love affair

Posted: 2015-02-25 in .Net

I’ve been using NServiceBus for more than 3 years now.

In principle, NServiceBus is excellent. Saga’s are a huge time saver, as is guaranteed delivery and the piece of mind they provide.
My irk with NServiceBus is that it is simply more trouble than worth.

Random Reasons:

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The future of HTML is bleak.

Is the replacement already here? Well maybe, just bare with me for a while.

Basically instead of sending html code, send back the picture. Sound familiar that’s cause it is. It is basically just Remote Desktop but only for applications with internet optimized features (like streams).

Whats needed:
Almost identical to the current Remote Desktop idea so reuse what can be.
Support of direct streams. One obvious streams are direct video/sound, file download/uploading.
Clients to support the view plugin (there is already a skew of remote desktop apps)
Server to efficiently compress streams and images.
Server should be able to function with application, video level could pick up the intercepts, same as remote desktop.


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Right this tripped me up for a while so I thought I’d shed a bit of light to try help out.

There are three things you need to know to get your HDMI working.

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