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A simple post today:

In Windows 10 when your laptop goes into power saving mode then the screen will auto dim. On my laptop this rendered the screen too dark and attempts to brighten the screen were overridden by the service auto dimming it again.

Eventually I found how to disable this in Windows 10.

The check box is rather hidden but can be found under… (more…)


A quick guide on how to populated “Description No documentation available.” in Microsoft Web Api Help Pages

Microsoft’s Web Api Help Pages is a nice surprise when it comes to something as tedious as documentation. Unfortunately it requires a small configuration to get the most out of it. This guide is a rapido guide for getting the “Description No documentation available”.

In the example I use the stock WebApplication1 generated by Visual Studio when you select a new WebApi Project.

0) Create a new ASP.NEt project and select Web API. This will create a new project with the Nuget package “Microsoft ASP:NET Web Api 2.x Help Pages”.


1) Build and run your new project and navigate to the auto generated documentation.

Unfortunately EnsureSuccessStatusCode is abit of a let down when it comes to Json rest. Most time Json query will have a descripton in the content on what actually went wrong. The easiest way wround this is to mimic the call and append on the result content with something like below: (more…)

viewing the source on a bitcoin news search I found the class used for the date set as “f nsa”

<span class=”f nsa”>Aug 21, 2013<….

Honestly i agree f nsa!

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this used to be one of my most popular post until I moved my blog website

life in lower case

Really I think the title says it all but let’s turn this from a statement to a theory.

Ok so why are singletons bad?

Global variables are bad right? Variables that inadvertently allow any code with access the ability to indirectly changing other code relying on the same variable. Problems that are also amplified with multi threaded applications (Google C# keyword volatile for more information).

So if everyone blindly takes global variables as being bad then why can’t people see that singletons are bad (umm ok).

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Diluted and watery, there I said it. You went from a fine scotch drink to water old beer.

I recently bounced from Red Hat 6 to Fedora 16, what can I say its been a while.

I was pleased until I discovered the open source world had diluted some important players.

I’m looking at you ->
OpenJDK and  Sun/Oracle JDK
Open Office and The Document Foundation


Next Gen Gaming Console

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Enough is enough!

Its starting to bore me with post saying the PS3 has much more life in it.

Stop putting the blame on the developers, its time to wake up and realise a 6 year cycle does not work with hardware anymore. Every 18months your hardware is half the speed of the equivilant.
Modern phones are more powerful than the PS3.