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I’m Back!!!

Posted: 2011-09-14 in General

As the title says, i’m back and this time i’m doing it cheap  🙂

Well after the last host price increase from dumb ass surf town (they suck)  I decided to cancel my urls and web hosting account.

Now i’m trying the free side of life and as well have also decided to take the short approach to blogging, all post will now be short.


Just a random thought.

When Metallica plays “Sad But True”, to me it seems that  sometimes James says Sepulture instead of “Sad But True”?

In the past I have brushed this off to bad hearing but now I’m not so sure…
Check out the below you tube video at the Sao Paulo concert (World Magnetic Tour) where James dedicates the song to Sepulture, coincidence?!?!

Heres the you tube video:


I had a need:
Share photos due to a recent addition to our family
I had a problem:
My end users are thousands of miles away and for the most part totally and completely uneducational in anything to do with computers… well just two of them (my parents) but still you program for worse case not best case.

Enter drop box…


To become non unique one must be different from everyone else in every way. The odds of becoming non unique are about 6,800,000,000 to one and it grows by 7,000,000 every day.

Usually one goes about being non unique by joining a minority group and then try become a minority of the minority. 

To do this you must dress like the minority and act like the minority (well sort off). Most minorities usually see themselves as outcast and are quiet quick to point this out to anyone willing to listens.

The mistress of uniqueness herself

The mistress of uniqueness herself


About Time

Posted: 2008-03-31 in General

Decided to give the blogging thing a peice of my mind… don’t read if you don’t like.