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Linux Mint with Cinnamon

Posted: 2012-08-24 in Linux

Is without a doubt the best linux distro i have used

Here are my notes on things i keep forgetting

1. uShare -> dlna sharing software ->
if you get a segmentation fault (ushare -d) then compile and install it
you might need to sudo apt-get install checkinstall also
after you have compiled it uninstall and reinstall it again using apt-get
configure it with
sudo dpkg-reconfigure ushare

2. Transmisson -> torrent software -> comes preinstalled

3. vsftpd -> ftp server ->



2 apps you should install. Weather and the alternative menu.


gNome3 conky autostart fedora

Posted: 2012-05-05 in Linux

To autostart conky or any other program in gnome3 you need to *.desktop file located in the  ~/.config/autostart folder.

Assuming you have installed conky (yum install conky) and have created a .conky file in your home directory then all you need to do to auto start the application on login is:

The files follow the same format so its quiet easy to add something.

Make a new file in ~/.config/autostart called conky.desktop

insert the below into the conky.desktop file, save it, log off, log on , done. Easy 🙂

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=background monitor
Comment=Keep a background eye on your system
Exec=conky &

My demand of mount is the follow, I run a java webservice which I can get a job with a network share.
I mount, copy files locally, process then push the vfs back up the network (ext4).
Easy? well should be but mount is my demise.

The list of problems so far was growing daily until i folded and forced the system admin to provide two shares (source and destination) already setup. My dynamic solution is dead, but the project lives.

Some of the problems so far:


MS Vs Ubuntu 10 and Fedora 16

Posted: 2012-02-19 in Linux
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After 12 years away from Linux (red hat 6 with verts and all) I thought it was time to take it for a test drive again. Obviously my test drive would include Fedora, Gnome, and Ubuntu. Here are my thoughts.