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Git Enlightenment

Posted: 2013-10-10 in Git

For the past few weeks I have been training people about Git and github workflow.

I decided to try break people down into categories, in total 5 and two sub branches
So lets git init!

stage one – rejection/denial
complaints about bash
complaints about ugly ui
complaints about everything
extreme resistance
reluctance to start
common expression “TFS/clearcase/SVN/tool X is way better than this!”

stage two – relutance acceptance
local branch is confused often with remote



So I just programmed and realized my last X amount of commits have gone into master (see picture below). I’d forgotten to create a branch. Whats worse I’d even pushed. so how to fix.


There are several ways to approach a fix.

In my case I will create a new branch (where the commits should have been), then move the commits to this branch and then rewind master and then update origin (phew).
Don’t despare its actually reallllllly simple (god i love git)

So lets begin….


Git delete branch local and remote

Posted: 2013-09-09 in Git

How To: Git Branch Delete

For this blog “origin” is my remote and the branch is hopethisworks (see picture for visual experience)


Deleting Branches In Git

To delete a local branch

git branch -d hopethisworks

To delete local branch that has contains commits not in origin branch: