Track Days – Part 4 – Feedback and Session 2, 3 and 4

Posted: 2018-07-16 in Cars, Vehicles

TL:DR first point of call, new tires. 3 More sessions out and we have gone from 02:14 to 02:02 and for me 02:25 to 02:09

Robs highlight reel

Our first day out resulted in 1 very clear objective. Replace the tires with something that may handle life a bit better.

After some digging for tires we found an issue. There are very few track tires that fit 15″ wheels in the format we needed. We ended up needing to go slightly fatter with some 205/50R15 86V Yokohama ADVAN NEOVA AD08R.


It turns out luck was on our side, these are popular tires and worked extremely well. Especially in the wet.

Our first session on the RPX-800 put me at 2:28.14 for the start of the day with the end coming down to a 2:25.51. Rob (my other co pilot) started with a 2:12.66 and dropped to a 2:11.83. For me I had lots of improvement (the advantage of a copilot that has been racing for many years) but the car was a slippery handful.

With the AD08R tires we went out the next month. In very wet conditions we had best laps of 2:14.57 for Rob and 2:18.30 for me (I was semi dry on that run). The only issue I had was the back stepping out on the back straight.

The next track day I got my times down to 2:13.90 and Rob got his down to 2:05.29.
We had to pull the 3rd track day short as we ran out of front pads.

The last session was in the intermediate class, the track was dry and the sun was bright. The temp was about 18 degrees, almost perfect.
The maintenance was new brakes (700kms out of the last), replaced brake fluid, and new gear box oil. The gear box oil made a huge difference to shifts. Before we just assumed the gearbox was going to break, after it was like new.

In this time Rob got a 02:02.07 and I got a 02:08.93, we feel with a bit more Rob could potentially get into the 1’s… I’m still a bit off but give it time.

Interestingly in this session we nearly finished the ceramic pads we use (60$ each) this only puts them on the 1 dry session around 170kms including the drive there and back.
We have looked into racing pads but questions the value. The Forza FR6 (recommended) are 250 a set, and we need to order a minimum of 2.
The QFM pads are around 180 for a set, but have to send in backing pads.

Braking is a concern, we max out around 0.8g, we corner at over 1g.. something is a miss.


Session 1 – Rob 02:11.83 – Choco 02:25.51 – Completely Stock, cheap street tires
Session 2 – Rob 02:14.57 – Choco 02:18.30 – Very Wet, new Yokohama ADVAN NEOVA AD08R
Session 3 – Rob 02:05.29 – Choco 02:13.90 – Semi wet. No more front pads
Session 4 – Rob 02:02.07 – Choco 02:08.93 – Dry good weather, nearly finished pads in 1 session


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