Track Days – Cheapest Bang for buck Prep

Posted: 2018-07-16 in Cars, Vehicles

TL:DR Needed cheap track car got the 206GTI 2001 Peugeot


After settling back into Sydney it was time to start looking at motor sports again.

The goal is simple, a cheap track day car that is 1) fun, 2) keep up with intermediates 3) doesn’t cost the earth to buy and maintain, ideally should come in under 3000 AUD….. WTF IS THAT POSSIBLE I hear you say. Well lets find out

Problem with rule 3)
This rules out a lot of competitive cars right off the bat. Using to get the power to weight calculations (please add this as a search in the future) and the topgear fast lap circuit times as a base line ( we had a list of cars to look at. After lot of price matching we were able to narrow down the field to french cars and that was about it.

What we quickly found out is
a) Don’t bother going with the preferred cars of Australian, cars like the commodore or ford xr6/xr 8 is way to expensive as far as bang for buck goes
b) audi s4 and bmw are awesome cars, and if our budget had been slightly higher you’d be crazy not to get a 130i bmw for around 8000aud. This car also has a LOT of following so you can get a cage easily and its easy to slowly add in M3 parts for cheap.
c) porsche and other racing brands are too expensive
d) the dissapointing one is the MX5, these things are well over priced
e) french!! For the exact reason you stay away from the ford/holden the Australians love/hate (mostly hate) affair of french cars makes their depreciation huge
f) hot hatches, excluding subaru’s and mini (they make crap power)

What this translates to
a) Ford Focus ST 2003 can be had for around 5000, Power to weight is 107.7 (W/kg) seems to be a decent value for money, kind of pricy
b) Golf GTI 2001, 5000aud power to weight is a crappy 87.6 (W/kg)
c) Mazda 3 about 4000 AUD for a 2004 Maxx Sport (86.6 (W/kg)) or 5000 for the SP23 which is also only 91.9 (W/kg)
d) Peugeot GTI 2.0 2002 for 2000AUD 96.5 (W/kg) now we are talking
e) Peugeot GTI 2.0 180 2004 for 3000 AUD (WTF!!!!) 126.1 (W/kg) Seriously this is good bang for your buck

So in keeping with theme (we still needed tyres, brakes, and oils) we opted for a Peugeot 206 GTI 2.0 2001 model for less than 2000AUD.

Next Time Track testing


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