Windows 10 – Remote Desktop Unable To Connect

Posted: 2015-06-19 in Windows 10

Upon installing Windows 10 preview 10310 I was unable to connect via remote desktop, even though I had enabled “Allow remote connection to this computer” and I was on the same network (10.0.0.X) and same work group “WORKGROUP”.

First check you have actually allowed remote connections, do this by then using the windows 10 search function on the computer you want to connect to and enter “allow remote connections”, click on the found link.
Check that the radio button is selected for “Allow remote connection to this computer”, select this if it isn’t already selected.

allow remote connections to this computer

allow remote connections to this computer

The problem I had was that I couldn’t really “see” the computer. I couldn’t even ping it even though we were both on the same network.

If you disable the windows firewall (use windows 10 search for firewall, select and then choose “turn windows firewall on or off) and can ping/connect then the problem is probably that your Windows 10 network has been set to “Public network”.

Check this by searching for “Network and Sharing Center” and look at the Network text (see picture below)

Windows 10 public network

Windows 10 public network

To fix this it depends on your windows build as they keep moving it. The site in this link as a pretty decent “how to” . Make sure you re-enable your firewall if you disabled it before.

Change Windows 10 network from public to private

After this is done, you should be able to ping the computer and connect to it.



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