Application Remoting (Remote Desktop for Applications)

Posted: 2015-01-26 in Code and Computers
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The future of HTML is bleak.

Is the replacement already here? Well maybe, just bare with me for a while.

Basically instead of sending html code, send back the picture. Sound familiar that’s cause it is. It is basically just Remote Desktop but only for applications with internet optimized features (like streams).

Whats needed:
Almost identical to the current Remote Desktop idea so reuse what can be.
Support of direct streams. One obvious streams are direct video/sound, file download/uploading.
Clients to support the view plugin (there is already a skew of remote desktop apps)
Server to efficiently compress streams and images.
Server should be able to function with application, video level could pick up the intercepts, same as remote desktop.


The app could be written in any language, will work.
Hacking is harder. Manipulation of image would be hard, and not very advantageous.
Similar view experience no matter what the end client is ran on.
Similar performance experience no matter what the end client is ran on.
Easier testing for screen sizes when client building.
Apps not willing to be maintained don’t have to be, as long as they can plug into the server send functions then it could be vb5.
Stream plugins could allow for optimizations

Bandwidth sensitive, this has been addressed heavily in remote desktop already.


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