Git Enlightenment

Posted: 2013-10-10 in Git

For the past few weeks I have been training people about Git and github workflow.

I decided to try break people down into categories, in total 5 and two sub branches
So lets git init!

stage one – rejection/denial
complaints about bash
complaints about ugly ui
complaints about everything
extreme resistance
reluctance to start
common expression “TFS/clearcase/SVN/tool X is way better than this!”

stage two – relutance acceptance
local branch is confused often with remote

local branch is always named same as remote
use tools and practices similar to previous source control
single big commit
use clone instead of creating a new branch (just encase)
common expression “yeah but in TFS/clearcase/SVN/tool you do it this way”

stage three – train or tunnel
slight branching
stash is used as branch substitute
increase in commits. white space then code (like 400 files)

stage four – Dreyfus Competent
home usage
feature branching
multiple/atomic commits
interactive rebase
understanding of fetch pull push
renaming remote branch
understanding that local is local and origin is origin

stage four.5 – enlightenment
github workflow
merge –no-ff
branch experimentation
understanding that origin doesn’t have to be origin
understanding git is a distributed version control system and there is no such thing as a single authoritative server
using a usb stick to prove the above point and well, cause you can

stage five and greater
git zen
regressed to stage one for every other version control
Finding out that git actually means git and hence is named after Linus.

secrete stage
Hidden Shrine to git including Linus Torvalds, Junio Hamano, and all the git minions
The occasional clear case server sacrifice

Side notes:
Dunning–Kruger the incompetent believe they are in stage 4.5 the competent think they are in stage 4

Thanks to all for bring source control out of the dark ages


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