Class not registered – Google Chrome failing to start with Windows 8

Posted: 2013-09-11 in Code and Computers

using Chrome and get “Class not registered” when you click on the task bar icon.

Simple fix (you need to have admin rights)

start regedit  (“windows key  – r ”  and type in regedit )

Find key:


delete it (right click).


  1. Gab says:

    This will only work as a temporary workaround as Google Chrome needs this key to be fully functional on Windows 8 and will re-instantiate it the next time it auto-updates.

    We are trying to understand what the issue is, we have found and fixed one cause so far (, but there seems to be other people affected by this for unknown reasons.

    The only way for us to diagnose this fully and fix it for good is to get a procmon log of a repro of this issue from a user, see for the type of information we need and please post it there if you are willing to help us fix this.

    Thanks for your help, let’s fix this once and for all!

    Gab from the Chromium team

  2. Bernadeth says:


  3. Justin says:


  4. Kent Chang says:

    Thank you so much!!

  5. Brad says:


  6. Solomon says:

    Thank you for the answer

    It works! !

  7. Ashikee Ghosh says:

    Deleting registry keys provides a temporary solution. I tried to find a permanent one. But failed to do so. So I applied this little trick:
    1. Create a file named “chrome.bat” on your desktop
    2. In that file write the following script:
    start /d “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\” chrome.exe exit
    ** if u have a different directory where chrome is installed write down than that on the path directory of the above command.
    3. Now clicking that file should open chrome.exe using cmd.

    • Raghavendra G Kulkarni says:

      I like the solution of creating bat file. It worked. I don’t have admin rights so I can’t make changes in my registry. Thanks a tonne for this.

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