Tsql – Search Stored Proceedures and Views for text

Posted: 2012-12-07 in Sql
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Ms Sql Tsql query to search stored procedures and views for text (the create statements not the outputs)

DECLARE @searchString varchar(50)
set @searchString = '%searchString%'

select object_name(m.object_id) as ObjectName,
    m.definition as QueryText,
    case WHEN p.object_id is null THEN 'v' ELSE 'p' end as [ObjectType]
from sys.sql_modules m
       left join sys.procedures p on m.object_id = p.object_id
where --p.object_id is not null -- only views
    definition like '%'+ @searchString + '%'
order by object_name(m.object_id)


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