TSql – Search all columns and all tables for text

Posted: 2012-12-07 in Sql
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Create Sql queries that search all tables and all columns for a specific item. Very handy for quick “where is it stored” investigations

Change @searchString to what you need (must be sql delimited) then run the query.
This will create sql queries which will help you find what you table and column it resided in.

-- chocosmith.wordpress.com

DECLARE @searchString varchar(250)
 set @searchString = 'search for this'

SELECT 'select ''' + TABLE_NAME + ':' + COLUMN_NAME +''' as ''Table-Column'' , * from ' + TABLE_SCHEMA + '.' + TABLE_NAME + ' where ' + COLUMN_NAME + ' like ''%'+            @searchString + '%'''
 where DATA_TYPE in('nchar', 'nvarchar', 'varchar', 'char')

It is extremely processor intensive to run the scripts so I excluded an automated EXEC, instead just copy and paste the queries into management studio.

Please note I restricted it to just basic text types, you can easily expand on data_type if you wish (like text).


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