WTF? Has open source gone crazy

Posted: 2012-11-19 in My Opinion

Diluted and watery, there I said it. You went from a fine scotch drink to water old beer.

I recently bounced from Red Hat 6 to Fedora 16, what can I say its been a while.

I was pleased until I discovered the open source world had diluted some important players.

I’m looking at you ->
OpenJDK and  Sun/Oracle JDK
Open Office and The Document Foundation

What are you guys thinking?
As if it isn’t hard enough to follow in the first place but you had to go an water down the powers of free time against the power of payed work  by splitting projects that are already so far behind the competitor not even the tail lights can be seen.

How do you expect to get in front by going slower? Even Bart worked this out when he was put into the special class room.

Java sucks, I don’t care how many developers use it, but I care that it hasn’t evolved much from the start of this century. It is much easier and more rapid to do anything in .Net. Even funnier when Oracle tried to sue Google for using it.

Open Office, the 90’s has gone. I have more than 256 colors.

Rant over.


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