Time Lapse Video How To

Posted: 2012-07-24 in Code and Computers

On your phone go to Play Store and find Tina Time-Lapse
Download this and install

Start your time lapse, I set mine capture to 20 seconds, and resolution at 1920 * 1080.

Capture what you want, be warned you will chew through battery.

When finished transfer files to computer.

Find ffmpeg on google, for windows scroll to FFmpeg for Windows header (about thrid), grab the 64bit static build.

Download and extract, for simplicity go to bin and copy ffmpeg to the folder you copied the files into.

Run this
ffmpeg -i tt_img_%05d.jpg -r 24 -s hd1080 -vcodec libx264 -crf 16 video_1080.mp4

Your computer will smoke but when complete you’ve got your movie.
Other settings could be
-s hd720
-s hd480

if you need to flip 180 it use the -vf  flag (note this is post but you can do it on first pass)
ffmpeg -i video_1080.mp4 -vf vflip video_1080_upside.mp4

You can also adjust the speed by adjusting the PTS stamp on the frames. You do this by also using the -vf filter (post example)

//half speed
ffmpeg -i video_1080.mp4 -vf “setpts=0.5*PTS” video_1080_upside.mp4
//double speed
ffmpeg -i video_1080.mp4 -vf “setpts=2*PTS” video_1080_upside.mp4

//All in one line example at 1080p, half speed with verticle flip.
ffmpeg -i tt_img_%05d.jpg -vf “vflip,setpts=(1/0.5)*PTS”  -r 24 -s hd1080 -vcodec libx264 -crf 16 video_1080.mp4

If you think your videos are too big then compress them by simply passing them back into ffmpeg.
ffmpeg -i large_video.mp4 small_video.mp4

If you’d like to go from 1080p to 720p then try
ffmpeg -i large_video.mp4 -qscale 0 -s hd720 -f mp4 720p_video.mp4

If you use it a lot contribute in time or money to the orginal authors.


$i = 1
Get-ChildItem *.jpg | %{Rename-Item $_ -NewName (‘tt_img_{0:D5}.jpg’ -f $i++)}

  1. Choco Smith says:

    Bulk rename
    $i = 1
    Get-ChildItem *.jpg | %{Rename-Item $_ -NewName (‘pic_{0:D4}.jpg’ -f $i++)}

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