Next Gen Gaming Console

Posted: 2012-07-03 in My Opinion

Enough is enough!

Its starting to bore me with post saying the PS3 has much more life in it.

Stop putting the blame on the developers, its time to wake up and realise a 6 year cycle does not work with hardware anymore. Every 18months your hardware is half the speed of the equivilant.
Modern phones are more powerful than the PS3.

Why not stop fighting this and start embrassing it.

How well PS3 don’t use the most expensive hardware, drop it down a bit and get good value for cost.
Then instead of a 6 year cycle drop it to 3 years, but support one generation back. This means that while the top of the range system may last 4 years, the mid range will last 3 years and the new one will still be twice as powerful as the best Sony could have released 6 years back.


I was bitterly dissapointed with the ps3 cell OS, it is the old way of thinking, limited upgrade path and NO!! customizations.

This means the community (which made phones what they are today) cannot get in on the fun and ideas like the XBMC cannot come through. It also means the machine is locked to the type of person they wished to sell it too.
Just look at the ideas coming through on the kinect.

The PS3 could have become a home entertainment center, not just a home game center.

If Sony continue to believe one item one job, then the Playstation is dead.


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