iFridge – Integration is imminent.

Posted: 2012-05-25 in My Opinion

With the phone market entering the  Saturation and decline stage, and earning penny’s becoming harder (Pareto principle ) it kind of begs the question of how Apple and other single based companies are going to stay in the market.

Companies with broad marketing spectrum like Samsung and Sony, currently have an unplayed ace, the ace of integration.
These companies have finger’s literally everywhere, all they need to do is add a communication chips and some basic embedded functionality and you all off a sudden have a mobile device that can talk to just about everything. Doors, light switches, cameras, car/mc obd 2, washing machines, dishwashers, stereo, PS3/4 ,etc.

Nokia will not be left out of this race though as the partnership with Microsoft has left them with a different angled ace. That ace is none other than Home OS, the OS designed to run your light switches and….. actually everything that has electricity.

You see apps can only do so much, and that limit is approaching fast, games are getting old, social communication is getting done, app areas are starting to be flooded with choice.

BUT!!! turn your phone into a global remote control and you got the next 20 years covered.

So to the title, unless Apple starts opening up a little, or enters the electronic market, Apple will find itself behind left far behind in the competition. Don’t think it can happen. Ask Nokia how a two year tech stumble hurt them.

The future is bright, and will be controlled by that mobile device in your pocket.

If Apple made a the iFridge……
Version one they would claim to have invented the idea
Only Apple approved food would  be accepted.
The experience of opening the door would be something like no other.
It’d be white.
Version two would include cooling and shelves.
…and they’d sell like there’s no tomorrow.



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