MS Vs Ubuntu 10 and Fedora 16

Posted: 2012-02-19 in Linux
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After 12 years away from Linux (red hat 6 with verts and all) I thought it was time to take it for a test drive again. Obviously my test drive would include Fedora, Gnome, and Ubuntu. Here are my thoughts.

Fedora 16 is extremely easy to install.
To install from Windows 7 you simply: create a partition (about 10Gb be fine), install LiveUsb (from Fedora), create a USB stick using a live usb, reboot and boot using the USB stick.
Fedora will start (yes seriously), in Fedora click on the install to HDD Icon. Do what it says until you get to where to install, here select empty partition (the one you created in windows 7). Click next and hold your breathe it will now do EVERYTHING for you, including Grub and keeping Windows 7.
I got to say though it ran down my leg when it just started installing, I thought i’d killed Windows 7 for sure but nope it just worked and so did Fedora.

Fedora 16

Fedora 16 uses gnome 3.xx.
So far I have been a little disappointed with Gnome 3.xx Its hard to find things, and it feels like its counter productive with everything.
Issues include: Distance to move your mouse (hey it stupid to click on something then chase it half way across the screen)
Default installed programs (basic things like theme handlers are missing)
Layout (seriously i have to install soething else to find the power off and restart these are exclusively the only two hardware control i use).
Programs when installed need to be found (its seriously gets lost) or you need to start them from ALT-F2. Note To UI designers THIS IS NOT USER FRIENDLY.

Programs missing by default and weird UI thing:
Conky (although the default conky really needs to be cleaned up).
Gnome Theme handler
Shortcut to Terminal
Setting up shortcuts is weirdly located.
Minimize button should be enabled by default.
The right thing of Activities is too far to move via mouse.
It also annoys me that you can’t do anything else while in this “menu” multitasking impossible.
My f’n network light keeps blinking (randomly), this pisses me off no end on my laptop.
A plus is that its easy to install things, once the net has told you what you are missing.
A minus to this is no matter how many times i read where something is I forget it. The UI is not intuitive.

Ubuntu 10
Didn’t install this so no comment.
Much prefer Gnome 2.xx. Main reason is that things are where I expect them to be and many programs are installed by default.
Its a nightmare installing things on this OS. I don’t care to know things via command line, this isn’t the 80’s. Great way to scare of people.
Easy to setup shortcuts.
Themes were also really easy to setup and they gave Linux a real advanced feeling quickly.
In less than a minute i had the MAC theme changed to a windows influenced theme (max min and close on right side), I had cube when shifting virtual desktops,, wobbly windows, and some other things in a flash. Not that they count but the fact is that i could and could easily.
I use this OS at work, it works but it feels a bit old.

Windows 7.
Have been windows for ever so not really fair, but advanced things are there.
I can get driver information, hardware information, and really any information very simply.
It easy to install something, and when you do its just as easy to start and run it.
Customizing is more limited but at least everything is there that you can do quickly.
Installation has NOTHING on fedora. Again fedora is absolutely amazing in this respect.
.Net is much easier than Java.

Closing Comment

Fedora! OMG! its excellent. So much so that it is now my primary OS on my laptop. But Gnome your killing things. It’ll end up ruling Fedora if Gnomes not careful.

Grandma should be able to run a UI, I’m not even sure Linus Torbalds himself could work out Gnome 3.

Update… Appartently he can’t ->

Small Post update Fedora

After a week I folded with Gnome 3. It was that or my laptop out the window.  I was ready to go back to Windows 7 but decided to check out the other session types. After some reading I decided on Cinnamon…
Cinnamon: Do yourself a favor and just install it. Its simple, it works and within about 5 minutes I had a theme installed that best suited me.
Although Cinnamon is very young it shows much promise with rapid expansion already been shown.
For example, when I installed cinnamon there were around 15 published themes, 3 days later there is about 3 times that amount.

  1. factualfantasy says:

    I have heard of Fedora with Cinnamon; will this work?

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