Why Open Source Fails

Posted: 2011-09-22 in My Opinion

Pareto Law simply put 20% of the effort to get 80% of the way.

Worlds wealth, 80 of the riches is owned by 20% of the people,
Fixing 20% of the bugs will eliminate 80% of the reported issues, crashes and errors.

So why does open source fail? well the final 20% is the make or break and to make it make you need to invest a lot.
The advantage of open source  is that many people are willing to come aboard once the initial idea is posted and the pitch has been made, there is a lot to be gained with little relative input.
So in the initial phases when rewards are flowwing developers are happy to put the spare time into a potential worthy feel good cause, but when the rewards start becoming a sparse and more demanding for seemingly less gain, the open source programmer is a little more reluctant to put down more and more free time for less and less returns.

And this is where companies make the difference, and why most mature open source projects no longer can compete with the competing product, companies can and do put down the millions it cost  for the edge of difference.



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