Google links get redirected virus/trojan

Posted: 2010-10-03 in Code and Computers

Google links get hijacked? Only the cached link works?

Well mine did, and I run an up to date version of McAfee (including host intrusion detection).

For me only one thing worked a program from Kaspersky Lab. They have an anti virus software that found many trojans on my computer and fixed the issue.

Either google for Kaspersky lab (or not in the case of this virus probably not) or try direct link you need the “Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool” program

This program installs each time it runs, and ask to uninstall after each run (safety reasons) adds to the total time but it works.

Run it about 10 times tweaking the settings . I had to uninstall some programs (java, adobe flash) that where infected and the tool had trouble getting rid of them. Some removals require a reboot. Others require turning off the system restore (many resided in there)

Just be patient with the tool, it finds all the issues, as apposed to the 1000 others that i tried, but you may have to do some stuff yourself.

Good luck



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