Component based phones – The future of phones

Posted: 2010-04-14 in My Opinion

Back about 2 years ago, I asked myself why doesn’t someone put a mobile chip in the PSP? I mean think about it, its pretty obvious yes?

Well today the market is awakening to this idea and the billion dollar industry of miniature games (gamelets?).
If the idea about putting a chip in the PSP had been done back then, this billion dollar industry would have probably been owned by Sony, instead its owned partly in Sony (but only the PS3) and Apple.
Ironically I highly doubt that I was the only one thinking that, probably every PSP users was as well.

So instead of talking about past “what ifs” I thought perhaps I should talk about tomorrows “what ifs”.

Enter Component based phones.
The idea isn’t new, the computer market is component based.
A customer says I want to be able to do this, this, and this. Some guy (or some geek) says well you’ll need this, this, and this. The price tallied up and the customer says, ok what about this, this, and this instead.
The operating system is then installed, and then due to an abstraction of layer design and some simple standards, everything works.

So why isn’t this the case for phones?

Really I have no idea? The concept is far from new, the idea is brilliantly adapt to changes from individual companies not just the giants. But for some reason the phone giants think that a phone is different, well I’m not sure it is.
All that’s required to get this going is some software giants to come aboard (android check, windows 7 check) and some hardware companies to embrace the idea. As far as history says, those that don’t will wither and dies just like so many computer companies of the past.

Imagine the next time you buy your phone, you go to a website like dell or hp, you say I like the look of that phone, humm I want a better camera, GPS, and some more memory.

  1. choco says:

    I thought I would post a follow up for this. It seems that this is more of a reality than expected.
    Aoson MID:

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