Hudson vs CC.Net

Posted: 2010-02-04 in Code and Computers

I posted a few months ago about using CruiseControl .Net in article “Continuous Integration – CC .Net”. The article was a bit long winded but the idea behind it was that Continous Integration is a must have for any sized development team.

Enter today, CI is still a must but today I swap my dagger to a sword called Hudson.

You see the major problem with CC.Net was its ability to spawn, well actually its inability. With the additional work load we had no way to ease the pain on the build server by giving it slaves. TeamCity has this abilty as does Hudson. Added to this issue with the constant “hacking” required to keep CC.Net update or even installed and you start getting a installation headache.

To check Hudson out properly I decided to quickly install Hudson and give it a whirl. You see that is my point quickly…. its a major point too.
I only had one or two installation issues related to Hudson, and these were very well covered on the Hudson homepage. Soon I had communication with ClearCase and some blue lights.
Some clicks later we had a continous integration game (let the trash talking begin). Some more clicks and our balls turned green, some more again and ended up on top of the leader board… whats not to love!!!!

I could continue and write about its ease of use, all from the web page, its pluggin support and ease of update tracking but I wont, cause you see I want to make a point.
Hudson is like V8’s to cars, milk is to mash, and VS is to .Net. It completes me.

If you only do one thing right for your team during 2010 make the switch.


As a side note TeamCity was our first replacement choice and is probably better but licensing cost is a hinderance and hard to justify to the manager.

Installed plugins:
Green balls
Continuous Integration game
Ncover plugin
Sidebar link (use this to link to the hudson tray application)
Msbuild plugin


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