DropBox versus my parents, is it really idiot proof?

Posted: 2009-11-13 in General

I had a need:
Share photos due to a recent addition to our family
I had a problem:
My end users are thousands of miles away and for the most part totally and completely uneducational in anything to do with computers… well just two of them (my parents) but still you program for worse case not best case.

Enter drop box…

For the end users:
In my case parents and family, you send them a simple web page link to the content something like: http://www.dropbox.com/gallery/2764278/1/Agnes?h=ac6606
The minimum requirement of dropbox end users is the basics of an internet explorer.
The link is generated by the power user (below)

For the people controlling the content:You install an app which looks just a folder in Windows Explorer.
Double click the little icon in the bottom right
Open the sync photo folder
Add some photos
Wait for the blue swirl to go green tick
Right click on the folder and get the public link, send this to who ever.
You are done, the web page is automatically generated/updated with latest photo (including folder) content.

You can have multiple links, just right click on the folder in photos you want to share and copy public gallery link. Send this link to who you wish and the sharing is done.

There is a whole lot more that dropbox can do, but for that and installation / registration reasons your best to go to their website…. if you really want use my referal (gives me and you more storage space)



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