PS3 Media Server The media server relief

Posted: 2009-06-02 in Code and Computers

It’s been a long time sinse I have looked into anything to do with the PS3, the main reason isn’t for my lack of use but actual quite the opposite. I have, in my aging, become less prone to be worried about the latest and greatest but instead take a path down the if it works don’t touch it and tippy toe out of the room. If it sort of works that is ok too.

So yesterday after wrestling with TVersity for the umpteenth time I thought I would get off my cosy chair of relaxation and search for a potential takeover, no matter how hostile it is.

Enter PS3 Media server (

I had heard and found this project on my first incursion along the path of media server for my PS3 but back thenits lack of maturity scared me and was quickly passed to the back burner. Back then the biggest fight was winamp, mediaplayer 10 and TVversity. Needless to say TVersity won due to its stability (or so I thought) versatility and maturity.

Enter today.

The PS3 media server has now entered maturity, and meets the other three requirements. BUT (a big butt mind you) it also has simplicity, plus no library refresh problems, a very small memory foot print.

This program has a cool unique feature of not using a cached data store. At first I was skeptical about browsing speed but all in all it seems to handling it cleverly and quiet rapidly… if I do say so myself. So what does this mean, well for me it ment no more explaining to the girlfriend that after legally aquireing music from a free location on the net she no longer has to ask me why it doesn’t show up on the PS3.

This point alone sells me to PS3 media server.

Enter tomorrow:

I have been using this software to catch up on some episodes about cars that drive sideways most of the time in top gear and cost a lot of money. Quiet an amusing british show. Anyway the point is that to scan a folder the delay is about a second and the load on my aging 3800 A2 chip is usually only about 15% on one core. Scrolling back and forth was flawless , resume on left of play worked, and unlike TVersity it never just stopped working.

Oh missing media is also handled, I had this problem on TVeristy where it would hit an unknow file type (aka real time) and crash the scan. This wasn’t fixed during my entire year usage of it was extrememly frustrating to use.

I haven’t tested a H263/4 movie yet but this is a lot less to do with the media server and more with the decompression program, in which case both use ffdshow, so results should be the same and should be able to be handled on my old machine.

Another extremely cool feature is that previously movies……. Of my kids or weekend adventures, that I would find on the net, would be compressed and the vobs would need to be burned as TVeristy couldn’t handle them…. Wellllllll again PS3 Media server deals with this on the fly. No more bad burns, no more burns at all now.

More, yes there is more, Cool feature number 99. Some features can be turned on and off from the comfort of your PS3 chair. When browsing movies to watch you’ll find a setting folder. This folder looks like a bunch of movies with either a green tick or a red cross. By clicking on one of these “movie”s you will trigger PS3 Media server settings on or off. Want no subtitles, no more getting out of your chair, click on the related icon and done. Free to start your movie again.

What you want to copy the transcoded video to your PS3 done or doable i should say. What you are an audiofile and want FLAC, handled. DTS_HD handled. Teeth brushed… err sorry maybe next version.

Anyway back on target, literally the list of features that are cool alone is massive. The list including uncool but nifty features is twice this size. Seriously check out the link above.

So nuff said, the next year of my life is free from media server surfing. Where did the TB disk go? Clarkson your a fool.


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