Non Unique: Borg, Goths and Hippies

Posted: 2009-01-19 in General

To become non unique one must be different from everyone else in every way. The odds of becoming non unique are about 6,800,000,000 to one and it grows by 7,000,000 every day.

Usually one goes about being non unique by joining a minority group and then try become a minority of the minority. 

To do this you must dress like the minority and act like the minority (well sort off). Most minorities usually see themselves as outcast and are quiet quick to point this out to anyone willing to listens.

The mistress of uniqueness herself

The mistress of uniqueness herself

When a user has have become unique enough in the minority group they see them self as what they desired, a totally unique individual.

Unfortunately in the quest to become unique just like what at times seems to be like the majority of the population, you are doing what everyone else is doing.
Which, by definition, makes you not unique.


Ironically if a minority member was to another’s clothing style they would be spat out.

If a Goth, who usually dressed in all black and maybe a veil to touch it off. rocked up wearing a pink T they would spat out like Coca-Cola at last night’s blood party.
If a hippy, the most portentous of all groups, wore a Nike T-Shirt you would probably be violently rejected. Jjohn Lenin wearing a big Nike Tick T during his sleep quest for peace! I bet jimmy would be turning in his grave.

Ironically these minorities are mostly young people, they aren’t the first to do it. It is just that the older members have statistically spiraled towards a black hole created by mass cooperation’s and only promises minimum wages, shattered hopes, and a McJob satisfaction.

At least the Borg who are the ultimate in mainstream are, as a whole, unique. They are what every human at some point in their lives strives not to be and inevitably NOT become, unique.





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