What happened to all the Sci-fi geeks

Posted: 2008-10-17 in My Opinion

Sitting around drinking coffee with some fairly advanced programming nerds we strayed into a a topic of conversation I thought i was slightly familar with and could probably make some cleche references that would impress these fellow nerds. A conversations which I considered to be the secret back bone of all computer nerds, Sci Fi movies and cola! well in this case sci fi movies.

Tron movie bike

Tron movie bike

The topic starter was a reference to last nights very bad movie “I Robot”. Which everyone confesses to have seen but all wished they hadn’t. Moving on someone referenced an even worse movie “AI”. At this point I stepped in with an obvious boring paradom between slavery and minority movies and the case that the director had figured that all minority groups fights had been covered by some movie so time to fast forward and apply slavery to robots.

Some part during the conversation i found good timing to a Soylent Green reference to which the reply was a series of blank expression on my audieances faces.
In return I replied with an equally blank expresion?!?!?!? How is it possible to be with 4 programmers and no one knows what soylent green is? Perhaps a Tron reference,no? fine how about a big gun reference “The Running man”.
Shock, at last, knowledged returned they all knew this one and heavens forbid someone even knew the writer (I didn’t but do now).


Now to the problem.

I consider myself to be on level 10 on a scale of 01 to 11.001001, right in the middle of SciFi scales. The only reason i rate myself that high is that I have some free points from a 24hour SciFi movie marthon which nearly left me insane (another story), but it earnt me some free geek communication points. If it wasn’t for these “event” I would glady be in the beginner section of SciFi’s and a whole lot more sainer, well “ish”.

You see I am the guy that is more inclined to a good zombie movies (resident evil) or a brutal war movie than a star trek flick. I can’t watch drama as I sit there wondering why the pansy hasn’t shot the other pansy in face or at the very least smaked him in the mouth, and i sure as shit can’t watch those stupidly obvious movies.

But the thought of being surrounded with a bunch of typical easy to stereo type group of computer nerds who argue about value versus reference and none of them knowing what Soylent Green was left me in dismay. If i can get main stream SciFi classical references then why can’t these guys?

So this has left me with the question What has happened to “the” computer nerd, you know the guy with the glasses, pocket protector and weird hand signals? Is the prerequist of SciFi geekinesh a thing of the past? has computing becoming such a common object that movie references? Are Bill gates style nerds again being pushed into the back ground and the reigns being handed to sububern trash?
Are talks about deep blue, tron bikes, grey matter, become a way of communicating with a geek a thing of yester year?
Do I have took start speaking WII and yuppie language to get through to my colleges these days. Heavens forbid the day i come to work and I can mention my 280h seems is lumpy enough and my left bank is still running lean.



The Geek shell inherit the earth

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