BGinfo – instant Server information

Posted: 2008-10-17 in Code and Computers
We had a recent problem where we required the information of what machine we were on and what its specs were. We several hundred servers and keeping track of them was tedious, time consuming and annoying.
Server information instantly

Server information instantly

So we found BgInfo.exe or “BGInfo.exe to the rescue” from sysinternals (trusted company)

This program takes a template and applies it over your background and/or login screen. You automate this by creating a short cut in “all users” -> startup and set the target as follows:

“c:\Bginfo.exe” /timer:0

This time every time that someone logs in they update the BG info to be the latest…. including there username.

In our template we added boottime, cpu memory, host name, ip, domain, os version, serivce pack, last login and by who. very quick to audit who was last on the pc without logging into the machine. Template as follows; we usually use white as font color as our BG color is dark green

Last User: <User Name>
Boot Time: <Boot Time>

Host Name: <Host Name>
Memory: <Memory>

IP Address: <IP Address>
Logon Domain: <Logon Domain>

OS Version: <OS Version>
Service Pack: <Service Pack>
Free Space: <Free Space>


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