Defrag bragging rights

Posted: 2008-09-11 in Code and Computers

I usually don’t enter remote desktop onto servers anymore sinse i swapped jobs but I do enjoy the chance when I can.

Today we had problems publishing a web site release to live. Turns out the server was already hosting on port 80 and the admin didn’t really understand the IIS issue in clash with websphere. Rather than me coach them, they just gave me admin rights and left me to investigate this and another issue on my own.

While alone on the server my old IT habits kicked in. The server was running rather slow compared to its load and its hardware. A simple check on defrag and I had the answer:

Massive fragmentation. In order to leave a minimum foot print and to speed up the defrag (as stated I wasn’t ment to be on this server) I moved some log files to the network drives and back again. A billion times quicker than defrag. One file surprised me, 180mb took 15 minutes to copy over a 1gb line, a check in the defrag report showed why, 315,207 fragmentations. Holy shit that was a new record for me, I didn’t even realise you could have that many frags.
Ironically it was a good example of why to defrag, it only took 12 seconds to copy back, and yes it was a file that was frequently accessed.

My only regret was I didn’t take a screen shot.




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