PS3 2.42 Two patches later

Posted: 2008-08-04 in Code and Computers

arrgggg i got to give sony something, they are quick to fix somethings. Just a little disapointed with the softare world in a whole.

Standard in the software world, release early. Have beta testing for free and fix based on the

Sid Meier\'s Civilization Revolution

result. No such thing as the lemon rule for software. Think of it this way, if you watched a movie and then had to come back a month later to see the parts they hadn’t finished would you be disapointed? if you purchased a toy and it was missing parts would you return it or wait for them to patch it?

I work for a software company and we do the same so i guess i can’t complain.

Just purchased Sid Meier Civilization revolution and it done the same thing. I played single player game of the week. Lost my network, not there fault but for some reason the game quit… didn’t know you needed network for single player games. Otherwise the 25 minutes i have tested it seems to be working ok. Haven’t tested multiplayer which is where most of the complaints are coming from..

Anyway nothing in this blog just a blog for the sake of a blog.



King of complaints


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