PS3 2.4 (4.0) Another disappointing release

Posted: 2008-07-04 in Code and Computers

Oh god what a disappointing release the PS3 2.4 update is and dammed if I know what 2.36 did..

Damm it annoys me how does something so powerful and so hardware packed have so little and so useless features and apps. The features are almost worse than the latest phones which have a 100th the power! Firefox and a decent watch has more features and application than the entire PS3.

If your about to rant and say i’m full of it and this truely is an amazing update. Then ask yourself this, why is there no support for basic things aka:

No multitasking, this has been around sinse the 386.

No cool widget support, you can’t even get the clock to be visable on the desktop, can you set a pic to be the background?

No communication with their phones or anyone elses – share pictures, music and movies, use it as a head set even…. the 8mega pixel camera of there daughter company has jus been announced and yet they can’t even communicate can’t take a picture, and show my fallow PS3 friends when i rock up to there houses.

One of the worse browsers i have ever used. no comment needed.

Absolute no support for in game communication, this should NOT be a developer thing, something like team speak would be perfect with communication in or out of game independent of the game. It would also guarantee a PS3 common area to each game, something you don’t have too and don’t want too learn every time you get a new game.

Absolute crappy in game meeting rooms- again this should not be a developer thing, they can skin it if needed, or if they feel override it and use there own. Actually to be fair here I am not sure how much the PS3 API contains but it can’t be that much.

File storage area with no translation by the media player. Leave my music alone, I just want to copy it down with out having to worry about the MP3 tags. The 8 mile sound track gets broken into about 50 different areas.

So Sony why release catch-up’s and not updates, at this rate the PS4 (which if anything like the PS3 will not be on my wish list) the PS3 will never catch up to the competition. Development hasn’t even started yet as far as I am concerned, latest features get you in front not matching the competitor….

And if you still don’t get the point ask yourself what ever happened to the overly long awaited home?




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