Peugeot 206 cutting out

Posted: 2017-11-09 in Cars, Vehicles

I search the net for this one and most answers were misleading.

For me the car would either die when i put the clutch in, or the idle would sometimes not settle. Either way the car was stalling.

The test fix is easy, take of the Idle control valve and clean it with carb cleaner. Clean the air passages also.

When you next start the car it will idle high, very high. let it warm up then take it for a short but careful drive. It will fight you but don’t stress. Then simply turn off the car, wait about 15 seconds and start it again. Repeat this process a few times. Its just the computer relearning the Idle Control valve settings.

This is a temporary fix. You will need to buy a new Idle control valve but this should last you long enough till it arrives. All in all this fix should cost about 25 bucks for the idle control valve (i got mine from german ebay sent to oz) and about 6 bucks for the can of carb cleaner.

Is very easy getting off the ICV you just need a torq screw, and a 8mm (i think) socket to take off the hose clamps. The only weird clamp is the one about 3 inches in which joins the efi intake to the boot.

Let me know if you need pictures. I only wrote this cause most of the internet was wrong with this fix.



Got really bored looking this up every time

In startup.cs add the following

config.Services.Replace(typeof(IExceptionHandler), new MyExceptionHandler());
public class MyExceptionHandler : ExceptionHandler 
    public override void Handle(ExceptionHandlerContext context) 

A simple post today:

In Windows 10 when your laptop goes into power saving mode then the screen will auto dim. On my laptop this rendered the screen too dark and attempts to brighten the screen were overridden by the service auto dimming it again.

Eventually I found how to disable this in Windows 10.

The check box is rather hidden but can be found under… Read the rest of this entry »

Upon installing Windows 10 preview 10310 I was unable to connect via remote desktop, even though I had enabled “Allow remote connection to this computer” and I was on the same network (10.0.0.X) and same work group “WORKGROUP”.

First check you have actually allowed remote connections, do this by then using the windows 10 search function on the computer you want to connect to and enter “allow remote connections”, click on the found link.
Check that the radio button is selected for “Allow remote connection to this computer”, select this if it isn’t already selected.

allow remote connections to this computer

allow remote connections to this computer

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Sometimes you just want to store stuff and not use it for traditional relation searches.

Ideally a NoSql solution would fit well in this scenario but don’t rule out Sql for a hybrid style solution.

You just have to be aware of certain limitations but otherwise the results are extremely pleasing.

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A quick guide on how to populated “Description No documentation available.” in Microsoft Web Api Help Pages

Microsoft’s Web Api Help Pages is a nice surprise when it comes to something as tedious as documentation. Unfortunately it requires a small configuration to get the most out of it. This guide is a rapido guide for getting the “Description No documentation available”.

In the example I use the stock WebApplication1 generated by Visual Studio when you select a new WebApi Project.

0) Create a new ASP.NEt project and select Web API. This will create a new project with the Nuget package “Microsoft ASP:NET Web Api 2.x Help Pages”.


1) Build and run your new project and navigate to the auto generated documentation.
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To get the identity from the insert when using dapper return the SCOPE_IDENTITY

So far has been working reasonably well.

Example below:

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